Saturday 4 June 2016

Introduction To Cpi

Welcome : In Truth We Trust
Thank you for undertaking the time to review and consider the substantial options that are currently available to you in these matters of evolutionary societal contracts of Peace Trust And Friendship as we proceed toward the XXII century. STT / RMCN & GTIF are brought forward here as a conduit for this workshop. Cpi (Constitution Pi) is the pathway.

Our Sun and Earth ensure our continued survival. Biomass is our evident relationship in the Life on Earth. And, therein, the Allodium Bank Registry provides thre fulcrum through which you may choose to execise your citizenry in the governance of these lands, seas and skies as responsible, wise stewards.

Cpi Binary governace provides the peaceful transition stagegates from traditional global capitalism (TGC) to for-profit humanitarianism (FPH). This XXI Century is the natural selection event, through which human societies merge into a global populace; and, technologies will serve as a pathfinder for preserving customs and traditions; while creating the venues for these modern era relationships to settle upon us, as we now proceed to be Earth Peoples and Universal Exploratory Peoples (UEP).

Your governance oversight is Cpi. The Allodium Bank Registry is your stewardship declaration (CSSP Example ); wherein you attest to your political absolute consecutively settled sovereignty of your lands and resources ... throught the for-profit humanitarianism (FPH) doctrines.